The general class license grants some operating privileges on all amateur radio bands and all operating modes. Earning the general class license requires passing a 35 question examination. General class licensees must also have passed the technician written examination. Amateur radio basic and advanced qualification courses are now being provided both online and in person. We are pleased to include information about any courses provided by canadian amateur radio clubs on this webpage. In addition, both radio amateurs of canada (rac) and radio amateur du qu├ębec inc. Arrl the national association for amateur radio 225 main street newington, ct, 06111-1400 usa tel fax toll-free hqarrl. Org contact arrl the arrl is a member-society and international secretariat of the international amateur radio union. Com provides amateur radio education services for those looking to obtain a license. This is actually a completely free service that comes with 35 free video lessons. They cover the elementary topics such as amateur radio services all the way up to hazards and installation. Ham radio classes online and in-person amateur radio (or ham radio) is used by people all over the world to communicate over radio waves. 35 free video lessons (6 hours total) andy goes over each question and answer from the element 2 technician class question pool. Its like having a tutor to walk you through the whole thing. Have you always wanted to get your ham radio license but didnt have the time to attend class? Hamclass is your answer! Here is where the ham radio class is held on your own computer. Hamclass is a computer-based class and also a live video class. Radio transmission permits are closely controlled by nations governments because radio waves propagate beyond national boundaries, and therefore radio is of international concern.