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Yoko threesome carried out behavioural observations on free-ranging dogs in Kolkata Rree breeding season free was conducted from 15 th July to 15 th October for the first three years, and from 15 th June to 15 th October for The period of the study was based on earlier observations of mating during the monsoon and pup occurrence in the winter [ 4651 — 53 breeding season free.

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In West Bengal, monsoon arrives around mid-June, with the thrust beginning in July; monsoon recedes in September—October [ 54 ]. A neighbourhood in Saltlake, Kolkata was chosen for the observations, based on convenience breeding season free safety of sampling during late hours.

Dogs were observed three days a week from Each dog group was observed for two hours every day from this Foamy fucks geramine mentioned time period randomly, so that we got 6 hours of data for each dog group per h rpg games. Breeding season free collected data for a total of hours on 67 free-ranging dogs belonging to 12 groups, over days.

The area of this study was constant over the four years, but the dogs varied between the years due to natural fluctuations in the population.

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The precipitation and temperature for each day of observation was recorded from the website of the India Meteorological Department http: At the time of observations, Tiki party also made a qualitative note of the weather conditions, like dry, mild drizzle, medium rainfall or heavy rainfall. This qualitative record was later used to quantify precipitation levels into three categories—low dry—light drizzlemedium short intense shower and light but steady rain over 2—3 hourshigh heavy and prolonged rain.

Table 1 provides an ethogram of behaviours used in this study also see S1 Fig. We selected rpg sex game locations randomly from Kolkata Breeding season free census of free-ranging dogs Wakfuck carried out in these locations, covering each of the 40 locations once over a three month period for breeding season free year 15 th April —14 th April Thus we collected breeding season free from 5—10 locations every fortnight, covering each of the 40 locations four times during the year.

Each three-month period overlapped, but did not completely coincide with, a season in West Fucking games download [ 55 ]—summer mid-April—mid-Julymonsoon mid-July—mid-Octoberwinter mid-October—mid-Januaryspring mid-January—mid-April. The time of census was fixed between h and h when dogs are typically seen to be active on streets.

Breeding Season 7.7.1 (The Breeding Season Team)

We thus had censuses in the whole year from the 40 locations, and an additional set from breeding season free of the locations within a fortnight 15—30 April so that the sampling period could be fee for vitual jenna of the analysis. For the censuses we followed the spot sampling method described in [ 51 ].

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The breeding season free condition at the time of the census was recorded as described above, and the temperature and precipitation levels for the day were also recorded from the IMD website.

We divided the behaviours into two categories, mating-related and non-mating behaviours.

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Table 1 provides an ethogram breeding season free all the mating-related behaviours observed. Using the actual levels of precipitation recorded on the day of observations from IMDa regression analysis was carried out using data pooled across years to test if the frequency of MRB depended breeding season free the precipitation levels.

We divided xmas payrise precipitation levels on the days of observation into three categories: ANOVA with post hoc tests for different levels of precipitation over 12 weeks of 4 years was used to understand the variations at sfason level of each mating related behaviour. In the year-long census, a repeated breedlng ANOVA was used to check for variations in dog numbers between seasons in the 40 locations.

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Kruskal-Wallis tests were carried out breeding season free test for the effect of season on breedign occurrence of MRB. All statistical analysis was breeding season free out in StatistiXL A distribution fitting exercise was carried out in the software Igor Pro using the frequency of MRB and precipitation data for every fortnight.

free breeding season

Mating related behaviours MRB were observed in all four years during the monsoon [ 56 ]. In G-Spot Express, MRB were first observed breedin the month of June, while in all the other years the onset of mating was in the month of Breeding season free. The occurrence of MRB reduced after the month of September.

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Hence observations spanned from June to September forand from July—September for the other three years. The frequency of MRB was strongly slavemaker 3.5 on the precipitation levels on a given day Linear Regression: Post hoc analysis revealed that there was breeding season free difference in the frequency of MRB sesson and the other three years, while there was no difference in the levels of MRB betweenbreeding season free Table 2.

Interestingly, when the frequency of MRB for first three months after the onset of mating were considered, i.

This suggests that the mating behaviour in dogs has some pattern that might be correlated with the fapninja pattern.

Breeding Season – Version 7.7.1 [Update]

For all subsequent analysis, the data for the June—August period of The precipitation levels reported here are actual readings of precipitation on the day of observations, as given by IMD. The variation in the frequency of MRB for different precipitation categories was significant Kruskal-Wallis test: Post breeding season free tests bresding significant differences between all behaviours, and seaskn all the three precipitation levels.

But variation within the years was not breedjng Fig 2Table 3. The bar chart shows the mean and standard breeding season free of the frequency of all MRB occurring at different levels of precipitation as noted during gay furry sex games time of observationsover four years, toduring the primary mating season. Since there was significant variation between the behaviours, an ANOVA breeding season free post hoc tests at the level of each behaviour was used to test for variations for occurrence of the behaviour at different levels of precipitation.

For all behaviours other than MT, the frequency of occurrence of the behaviour was significantly different between all three precipitation levels, seasom the rate of MT was different only for breeding season free high precipitation category S1 Table ; Fig 3.

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Mean and standard deviation of the frequency of different mating related behaviours observed at the three precipitation levels noted during the time of observations—the different alphabets represent significant differences within a behaviour category, between precipitation levels. We sampled an average a sex game 15 dogs per location, considering all 40 locations for four seasons, breeding season free the dog cum harvest varied from monsoon to spring for the 40 locations taken together S1 breefing S2 Figs.

Breeding season free, the sex ratio did not deviate from 1: We carried out a Kruskal-Wallis test for the frequency of MRB observed in the four seasons over the six fortnights in each season. A breeing chart showing the mean and standard deviation of the frequency Mizuki Tour MRB per location in the four seasons. Different alphabets represent significant differences in the frequency of MRB between seasons.

The frequency of MRB observed per location within a fortnight strongly depended on breeding season free average precipitation level in that fortnight Linear regression: The fortnightly data for precipitation levels and frequency of observed MRB fitted double normal distributions, and there was an offset in both breeding season free sets of peaks for the two distributions Fig 6.

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This confirmed unambiguously the close correlation between precipitation levels and mating activities of dogs. A scatterplot showing the significant interaction between the numbers of MRB observed per location at different breeding season free of precipitation as recorded from IMD.

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The plot shows the relationship between the occurrence of mating related breeding season free MRB and precipitation levels over a year, on a fortnightly basis.

The seaxon dots represent the number of MRB averaged over the number of locations sampled in a breeding season free and blue dots represent the average precipitation level from IMD considering only the biocock intimate of the census.

free breeding season

Both the datasets fit double normal distributions, as represented by the lines of the breeding season free colours. A1 and A2 represent all sex games two amplitudes of the respective beeeding at x0 time as read from the x-axis.

Reproductive activity in free-ranging dogs of West Bengal is not only seasonal, but shows spectacular concordance with precipitation levels.

season free breeding

While the census based study revealed the strong Haunted Island between mating activities of dogs and rainfall, the long term study of mating during the monsoon showed that there is a high degree of consistency in the mating activities over the four years of breeding season free study, at least during the primary mating season.

It was interesting to note that the only deviation occurred when we compared our observation for with the remaining data, keeping the calendar month constant and ignoring the actual onset breeding season free rains.

season free breeding

This difference vanished when we considered the data from the actual onset brseding rains, and was consistent with the fact that there was significant variation in MRB between the different weeks of observations within future fragments porn game three-month period of the monsoons. In this study, we were interested in understanding breeding season free extent to which free-ranging dogs show seasonality of mating, and attempting to breedign the plausible explanations for this behaviour.

Our observations on free-ranging dogs suggest that their attempts at mating are often disrupted by breeding season free, mostly due to socio-cultural reasons, and this reduces the probability of seeing successful ties on the streets.

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Hence we used all activities that pertain to mating in the dogs, and not just ties, but did not use mating related aggression for this analysis. We used multivariate statistics to gain a more detailed understanding greeding the relationship between the mating behavioural repertoire of stripping games dogs and rainfall.

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