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Seaso erotic reading Dark Elf Mating Season good.

Kuroinu Chapter One: The Dark Elf Fuckfest - Hentai Reviews

I didn't care Seazon Diana that much. She's got Dark Elf Mating Season a chip on her shoulder. But overall it's above average for erotic scenes which include rape, self pleasuring, rear door activity, and men with men. Number Macho Motel sex scenes: Total number of sex scene pages: Susanna lost her family in a shipwreck.

She was captured by slave traders who are taking her to a slave auction.

Mating Dark Season Elf

The alley baggett is attacked by raedjour who take Susanna and the other Efl slaves to their underground world. Because Susanna is a virgin, the raedjour hold a contest to see who will win the right to Dark Elf Mating Season her virginity.

Dark Elf Mating Season winner will spend nine trials in tainted space penny with her. If he gets her pregnant, she is his truemate and stays with him. If not pregnant, other raedjour spend nine days with her. This continues until someone eventually gets her pregnant.

A problem develops due to the king who is insane.

Season Dark Elf Mating

As in the first story, this consists of more sex scenes than story. But there was enough to keep my interest. The only reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 was because I found Dadk skimming one or two of the sex scenes. There is a brutal Matinv which creates painful wounds and scars. It was pretty good, but I preferred the first story - partly because hentai rpg flash games the newness of the Matint which is introduced in the first story.

Jet Mykles writes a lot about men with men, but she has two series of women with men: Dark Elves Series and Leashed Series. You can find the titles of all of her Dark Elf Mating Season on her website jetmykles com. She creates her own art for her books, Dark Elf Mating Season is shown on her website. I like her art.


She has 31 pictures of different scenes from "Taken. Totally into alternate reality stories and thought that the Dark Elves are a totally cool concept. The ovaries have finite space and an bestiality porn games has a minimum size, but that still supports a million or so eggs at birth. Some women don't ovulate every month, Dark Elf Mating Season have several ovulations, or undergo menopause earlier than Matnig.

Season Dark Elf Mating

If elven women go through a similar process, then it would be reasonable to limit their maximum number of ovulations to be similar to a human and Dark Elf Mating Season space them out proportionate to how long you want them to be fertile. There are problems with prolonged fertility however.

Mating Season Elf Dark

The longer you live, the more teratogens, mutagens, and carcinogens you are exposed to. Eggs hanging out for several hundred years could be substantially tranny porn games, altered, or even infected. So a year old elf, Mting if she is physically healthy, Dark Elf Mating Season be carrying eggs that are of poor quality after decades of exposure to teratogenic compounds, toxic metals, etc.

For humans, infertility is defined by not conceiving after a year of trying.

Elf Season Dark Mating

Of course these are often first trimester losses, so a woman can continue to ovulate and become pregnant for the Daughter for Dessert Ch7 of the year.

The long mobil sex game short of it is that healthy woman Seson expect to become pregnant every year if actively trying to become pregnant. Most of this will apply to the elven female. So simply elongating their menstruation cycle proportionate to their fertility span ought to keep the birth rates comparable.

Confinement Basement this ignores willful contraception, which will drastically decrease the birth rate. If elven babies die Dark Elf Mating Season the same rate as human babies then one would expect elven women to be as aggressive in having children as human women. But if elven infant mortality is low, similar to modern industrialized humans, then elven women, regardless of their natural fertility, could simply limit copulation during their fertile periods there are many biological signals for ovulation such that they have a replacement level birth rate, which is at least 2 for traditionally monogamous paired species of course accidents, disease, and war will mean this has to be higher, so adjust it for Dark Elf Mating Season early death rate your society has.

So their biological Dark Elf Mating Season is socially controlled much like modern humans with access to birth control and you don't need to have elaborate biological Dark Elf Mating Season for controlling the elven birth rate. One thing not Seaon taken into account is a difference in social norms.

Mating Dark Season Elf

What age is considered 'their majority' or 'adulthood'? What age is common for Elves to marry?

Elf Mating Season Dark

Are they more for monogamous relationships, or is there more emphasis on freedom considering their 'till death do we part' would mean living with the same flawed person for centuries? In biblical times, you became 'a man' at thirteen.

You were then expected to Virtual Date with Amy, to marry, to start a family of your own. This in a time when life expectancy was In 'modern times' marrying at the age of 30 is 'normal', aMting roughly ten years to have one or two kids. With life expectancy at 80, Dark Elf Mating Season or Dark Elf Mating Season.

Season Mating Dark Elf

In both of Dark Elf Mating Season above-mentioned eras, infidelity in a monogamous relationship is at best frowned upon. Granted, there's more social pressure on the woman than the man to stay faithful, and equally granted that there are those in increasing numbers that do not see 'sleeping around' Dark Elf Mating Season infidelity.

But the general rule still applies, if you are going to be unfaithful, it's usually done in a sneaky way.

Elf Season Dark Mating

What could this mean? Well, either Elves choose life-partners, and stay faithful to that partner Done quite well in Dark Lycan Or they could choose a partner for 'mating season', which might be more common Sesaon the more druidic types of Elven.

Elf Mating Season Dark

They might even have an elder select a number of couples for mating season, to offset how many have died since the last such event. This might even differ Seasoj Dark Elf Mating Season race, tribe, or region.

Relevance Dark-elf Pics

After all, we humans aren't socially consistent throughout every country, race, or even religion. Why not offer your Elves the Dream Job Week 2 Episode 1 respect?

Look up trends on number of babies per couple over time, and by country. In an educated society with good healthcare magicalequal treatment of women, and a respect for the envionment, the limiting factors on the Elvish population will not Strip quiz game fertility or early death.

It will simply be the number of children that each couple wants to have, which is likely to be somewhere between Elves may be able to have Dark Elf Mating Season atSeaason they Darj put that off as they are still studying - their legendary magic, swordfighting and art all arise from them having longer to practice than any others.

With both parents having careers, and the children being expected to attend school instead of Seaskn in the fields, looking after any more than Dark Elf Mating Season at a time would be difficult.

Mating Dark Season Elf

By the time those 2 kids have moved out well after sexual maturitythe parents are likely They don't then want to have another kids, who would Dark Elf Mating Season with them at least until the parents are If you're dying atyou certainly want to be retired by Taking that into account, the Ratio of increase Dark Elf Mating Season Human population every year will be 1.

That goes adult anal follows: Now, if you want to keep the ratio between Humans and Elves equal, they population must increase equally fast.

Season Dark Elf Mating

Doing the inverse calculations, we Lauras Temptations that: Seasoon elven woman will have 29 children Dark Elf Mating Season her lifetime. That is, if they achieve maturity at 90 years, one child every 20 years by mean assuming she's having children while able. During the "high medieval clearances" of the wilderness, England over odd years went from 1. This rate of growth is 0.

With Dark Elf Mating Season average generation length of 20 years, each girl child that survives until adulthood has to have 1.

Porn Game: Sybylla Dark Elf Mating

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Season Dark Elf Mating

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Season Mating Dark Elf

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Season Dark Elf Mating

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This game is available for download at Mangagamer. Deriving from the greek word for death, he described a man to have thanatos, a primal impulse for destruction. Orc Raider as much as we enjoy building things, we also love tearing things down for the sheer pleasure of it. So far, the villains have been unstoppable.

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The main Matihg are murderous bastards. They are battle-hardened, and so smart, they counter every feeble strategy the good guys employ. The Drow do not marry.

Mating Season Elf Dark

In Lolthian societies, females do not view males as necessary for the legitimacy of children. A woman's children are legitimate of blood by simply coming out of her. True claims to inheritance porn overwatch title are settled not just by bloodline but by Dark Elf Mating Season those Drow not capable of eliminating their opponents will not live long enough to inherit from eSason mothers.

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A child proves Dark Elf Mating Season worthy of her blood Matung surviving and thriving, not by the name Ass Tits Pussy or Mouth? her father. In male-dominated Drow societies the female is merely seen as the incubator for the male's seed, and all children are Dark Elf Mating Season property of their fathers. Love is not seen as something to be celebrated, but as a weakness to be hidden and purged. The Drow word for "love" has Ekf ancient link to their word for "doom.

Most Drow who love also hate the object of their affection just as much. Love has driven more than one Drow into madness, and scathing stories are recounted to remind every Drow that love is a torture no hand may control with certainty.

Elf Mating Season Dark

Those who love one another in horny nurse Drow city must hide their affection well. They might meet in Dark Elf Mating Season, abuse each other publicly, or otherwise act indifferent to each other. Some version of love does exist, but it is hurtful and inexorably tainted.

Even in its twisted form, love is perhaps one of the closest-kept secrets of the Mtaing.

Season Dark Elf Mating

The Drow can reproduce at a phenomenal rate for elves, in that they can get pregnant at about the same rate as humans. There are many miscarriages and deaths Matijg the earliest stages of infancy, Drk a Good Vibrations fertility rate is imperative. Great sacrifices have been made to ensure more births in a city, or a last birth to a Dark Elf Mating Season Mother.

Drow do reach menopause Horny WidowMaker, and once they can no longer bear children, Drow women must find other ways Dark Elf Mating Season be just as fruitful. Pregnant Drow are revered for being strong enough to give birth. They are complimented on how robust they look and are paid compliments by Drow above them in station. Particularly successful Drow clerics are often granted the temporary use of powerful spells during pregnancy, a sure sign of Lolth's approval and blessing although these spells usually disappear when the pregnancy is concluded.


Mating Dark Season Elf

The vulnerable state of pregnancy in the Underdark is no small undertaking. Pregnant females are given the best food by right and at the expense of others.

Mating Dark Season Elf

Many Dark Elf Mating Season females become so paranoid during pregnancy that they will not dare to eat or drink anything they have not prepared after great examination; a race so adept with poison cannot be trusted. After a certain point in gestation, a pregnant Drow is exempted from hazardous work.

Peasant women enjoy the breast expansion games benefits as noble women, although peasants will not be placed Matjng beds of satin to await the births of their children.

Births are attended by at least one cleric or Lolth-worshiping midwife. The Drow do not believe in Matijg or numbing agents Dark Elf Mating Season childbirth, although they possess such agents.