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Daughter for Dessert is a visual novel revolving around a father and contentsexual contenttechnicalhide spoilersshow minor spoilersspoil me!summaryall , 18+, Daughter for Dessert: Chapter 4, Partially voiced Freeware Doujin.

Is there some trick to getting there? Chapter is up for free.

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Still more to go. I am glad that Chapter 5 had some good stuff in it at last.

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I am fed up with playing chapter 1 and getting no further. Great set up, frustrating that ch1 has no real action in it.

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Tried on Win10 64bit. A little boring but the next chapters fill in the story.

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The sexy parts are yet to come. Honestly one of the best games ever This game is great.

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I cant wait to play the future chapters. I recommend this game to anyone who is into some kinky stuff. The girls are really pretty.

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It was painfully slow loading each screen for sessert. Got bored and shut down before it really started. I became a patreon because I wanted to see more.

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But seriously, 4 chapters in and not a single sex scene. But 4 chapters of suspense?

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Dec 20, Is there a CG rip? I've played the game through, I just want to see if there is anything that I've missed.

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Summoners Quest Ch.9.6 LhooqDec 20, Max HeadroomDec 20, Dec 21, RazorXDec 21, Dec 22, Is there any sexual scene with the daughter yet? EnokDec 22, AngmirDec 22, Dec 23, Dec 23 at 3: I've gotten so used to posting pictures and talking daughter for dessert ch4 the daughter for dessert ch4 on Discord that I've completely forgotten that not everyone wants to use that program and would rather see updates here.

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My advice is to just go for it, it isn't very long, it's so much fun. If you need help with anything specific feel free to ask here or send Erotic Points a PM.

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When she wants to talk to you do it, say "you feel attracted to me" then "i wish i knew how i felt" after that daughter for dessert ch4 have to "repair" the washing machine desserg is a water pipe puzzle to solve and you can enjoy the best scene in the game by far. You support Palmer on patreon?

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He has 6 and 7, and im sure 8 will be out soon. Any hints on those chapters?

Is there a guide for Daughter for Dessert? : lewdgames

I've played 6 and 7, nothing special in those two, pretty straightforward. I don't support Palmer, so it's gonna be quite some time before I play ch8, because they added some dauthter security measures this month, to prevent the stop loading page method of playing the game. You used to daughter for dessert ch4 able to stop redirecting page to patreon, but Palmer fixed that, so now we have to wait for public play meet n fuck games. At the end of ch6, she joins you in bed, the daughetr with the unintended rub and at the end of ch7 in the motel room.

First off, you need to choose her and daughter for dessert ch4 a "date" with her in ch2.

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In ch4 after your visit to Kathy you meet her and take her on another daughtre to the arcade, there you need to set high score in one of 3 games to take her home for some hot action with a nice surprise, if I may add.

I just number 1 adult game excited when I hear people talking about playing and enjoying the game, I think it's daughter for dessert ch4 good!

Yes, there is a bit of voice acting in Chapter 2, just as a demo.

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Vixen Nylons Naughty in The gor game has an impressive dessert for daughter for dessert ch4 no sign up cartoon monster. Feel free ch4 comment You must be kept private.

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