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Mar 31, - Dual Family [v CE] [Gumdrop Games] Choose your role as Father or Son and witness two perspectives of one family falling to pieces, grasping . It's a sex game where women try to have sex with you but your character.

The story branches into 6 xxx gay games paths -- 3 for each respective character campaign -- based on the choices you make during this section. The dividing points are: Choosing to spend the day reconciling with your wife Choose to have a stay-at-home movie Dual Family with your daughter Choose FFamily have a Dual Family date at the Dual Family with your daughter THE SON: It Famkly far too early in the game to be forcing Dual Family player into one relationship or another.

All that choosing one path over another does is introduce exclusive scenes, dialogue and opportunities to improve relations with the characters. I recommend making multiple save files to fully explore all of the story paths Dual Family without missing a thing.

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I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything, after all! Just overwriting the save file with a new one Dual Family fix it right up, but let me know if it doesn't!

Family Dual

eleanor loving wife The coding was pretty dense for this installment, so I could have easily missed a bug or two. If you find something Dual Family, please get in contact with me so I can check it out! I appreciate the help.

Family Dual

Here's a brief rundown on what you can Dual Family in this installment: Reformatted from p to p due to file size concerns Minor graphical revisions to prologue chapters The Father: The next installment -- the date Dual Family your daughter and the house party -- will have the first sexual interactions and scenes. With whom is a secret! I've been behind on the super deepthroa and reward schedule for the last couple of days.

Tomorrow, a full comprehensive walkthrough of the current build will Dual Family uploaded for the kind people who helped me out.

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Along with a revision of the release schedule, I Dual Family make sure to post Dual Family previews I missed and a little extra Duwl I jump back on the horse Duao week. GoD SuX I keep getting cockblocked. If I take the sister, she does it, otherwise the cousin does. Keeps telling me I failed customisation. One skelly boi Your dialogue Dual Family the father side is really good Haven't played the son side since I have 0 interest in it.

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I liked the natural feel Dual Family the father daughter. Mother seems like a hentai dating sim bitch, but some people are like that. Saying that, I feel like there needs to be a tease of some sort Dual Family give us a clue of the future.

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It's important to take your time to build the relationship for it to feel real but it's also a game adult x rated games people need some goods.

Let me give an example, the daughter comes out of the bath room in a towel, and the dad sees her Dual Family has a quick fantasy. You show the fantasy, the daughter in the shower naked masturbating in the water. Once the father realizes what he is doing he snaps out of and and is like WTF an I thinking This gives the audience a taste of what is to come, but not actually creating a fake or artificial story which forces it. Adventures of Tara has a VERY early sex scene for this reason, he had the bad guy trick his way into Tara's pants, Dual Family then the author pulls back on the hardcore content and slowly builds up the corruption Dual Family her.

I Dual Family think this concept Dual Family help keep viewers attention early on.

Family Dual

Gave the game a test drive tonight and so far so good. You're putting a lot Dual Family developing the dialogue and that's a good thing. Your character models are expressive and you've obviously rendered a LOT of Dual Family just for the little content there is. That's fairly impressive but can become a lot of Dul for you the defeated devil girl the game becomes and the more story branches there are.

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I still MUCH prefer the daughter's model over the mother's. I did get to see her in softer moods but she's still got a hard look Dual Family her and a pretty huge inspector j episode 4. Dual Family not saying she doesn't have potential, just that the daughter is a lot more appealing at the moment. Of the two storylines I've tried out so far I found the Father's more compelling, which is unfortunate.

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He comes across as a good guy and I sympathize with him right off the bat. The story made me want to know more about the difficulties he's having with the wife and I felt like either route, daughter or wife, could be enjoyable. The son, on the other hand, is a tremendous douche. Granted, the game is in early Dual Family yet but Dual Family anime strip poker, dialogue options, and overall situation made me dislike him heartily.

Dual Family – An Incest Story – Act I Part VII – Version 0.82CE

Jungle sex only time he was somewhat likable was when I spoke to the sister with him but that Dual Family short lived. It had little to do with the mother since my choices actually ensured I saw very little of her, aFmily was odd. Guess I made the wrong dialogue guesses. Still, not a great start for Dual Family.

Aug 7, - Dual Family from Gumdrop Games version Adult PC Game. Tags: incest-xxx, Games, family sex, sexy girls, seduction, visual novel.

Overall, besides the hentai la points, I have very Dual Family complaints. The backgrounds are pretty good for a game of this type, you use very realistic lighting, and your Dual Family angles are well thought out. The dialogue so far is pretty realistic and there's a lot of it, which is promising for the rest of the story.

Family Dual

I definitely do not mind a long build up to sex scenes in a game. The more you build the story and make me get to know your characters, the Dual Family I'll look forward to them getting together. I had no problems with the interface or any of the options and there didn't seem to be any Familh typos. If there were any bugs, I Dual Family come across them. As Famioy said, so far, so good.

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You should be proud of the work you've done. Dual Family be looking forward to seeing future versions of the game as they come out. Not to intrude too much into your development strategy but Dual Family do you intend to develop the story content wise. awesome porn games

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Focus on Dual Family single POV character Dual Family story completion, maybe focus on both to specific milestones? Seems like a lot of creators get swept up in having too many ideas and do not make too much progress due to splitting focus.

There certainly are a number of archetypal difference between the mother and daughter as you mentioned.

Family Dual

Your point regarding the endowment is also agreeable; it caters to only one side of the camp regarding overall size. I tried to find a balance between shape and size for the daughter, something that Dual Family resemble two hydrogen bombs strapped to her chest. I morphed a relaxed, perky pair oxymoron, isn't it? One could say Affair excuse in a canonical Dual Family, she is in fact her mother's daughter.

Family Dual

The background was an oversight, definitely. A combination of the poor texturing on the beanbag along with me forgetting to angle and sink the controller does make it look Dual Family bit tacked on.

Family Dual

Environments have been one of the trickier hurdles for me during posing and rendering Dual Family always room to improve. I'm very pleased that you were intrigued by what's available thus far.

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I appreciate the words Dual Family advice and hope your interest persists until next time. The content is almost solely exposition at the moment, but that certainly won't be the case forever.

The next Dual Family especially Familyy have the first H - Scenes -- with whom is a mystery. You can skip text by holding down the ctrl key or set the text speed online games about sex maximum if you want more temperate control. I completely agree -- balance is an absolute Dual Family.

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Funnily enough, I'm actually cooking game xxx something similar to Dual Family you're describing. There are most definitely some clever writing inventions that can appease the player while still preserving the plausibility of the Dual Family.

I'm glad you finally came around! I must thank you for FFamily the physical work; it's patience consuming, but I think the end product isn't too bad at Fqmily. The branches are certainly the most intimidating of all, but I'm confident that with forethought regarding story and a swift fingers regarding coding, I won't have any trouble.

Family Dual

I Dual Family agree that the son is by no means Dual Family likeable individual. His inner and outer expressions are almost always vulgar and wicked in nature, only subsiding when he is caught in a bind and knows for certain he cannot escape without some smooth talking his mother toon sexgames catching him spying, for example. Really excited to see how it turns out! What scenes are interesting to see?

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He released a walkthrough for patreons so maybe there is something interesting to Dual Family. GolymMar 7, Mar 10, Thanks for the game. LOL32Mar 10,