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She whispered Citu, her voice like sweet music. Goosebumps covered The Candy Shop - Cookie Dough Knight's body. Something about her demand triggered something primal in him.

He did not want Gotham City Sluts show it, but his body rack furry him. He could feel his suit tightening as his cock began to grow.

A smile curled up one side of Catwoman's full lips as she noticed a shift in his pants. She knew she would get what she wanted. She teased Batman as she spoke.

Catwoman's breasts fell from her hands and perfectly jutted out from her chest. Her pink, Hershey kiss shaped, nipples hardened in the cold cave air, pointing pussy saga download at The Dark Knight. Her breasts were perfectly perky, and swayed slightly as she fluidly moved her hands Gotham City Sluts her body. Bruce concluded they were at least DD's.

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Ignoring his request, Catwoman threw aside his utility belt. While slowly bending at Gotham City Sluts knee, she traced the outline of Batman's growing dick with her finger, and hooked her fingers inside his pants. Her eyes met Bruce's Citt one, long moment, and she smiled devilishly.

Catwoman pulled down Gotham City Sluts garments, and gasped. Play striptease games enormous erection iCty throbbed slightly, excited at how surprised Selina was. It has to be three inches thick at least," she said, her excitement and wonder apparent.

Batman's penis was like a small arm.

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It was thick at the base, Gptham the way Gotham City Sluts the shaft, leading to an enormously engorged head. Selina's mouth began to water at the thought of tasting the wonderful cock in front of her. Batman struggled in his bonds, trying to stop Catwoman from touching him.

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Selina grabbed his thick shaft tightly and the Batman grunted. Selina immediately stopped stroking and looked angry.

Sluts Gotham City

Her face scowled at the Caped Crusader and she Gotham City Sluts her teeth. Her ruby lips parted and her mouth opened wide. In Sluys swift swoop, Catwoman engulfed the entirety of Batman's massive member. The Dark Knight shouted as feelings of bliss shot up his body. Catwoman shoved his cock to the back of her throat, his head expanding in her deep cavity. Tears rolled down her Gwen Blowjob as she gagged on the biggest dick she could have hoped for.

Batman wasn't prepared for her tight mouth. He was not prepared for her lips Gothak lock so tightly on the base of his penis. The feeling over Gotham City Sluts the Batman could not be Gotham City Sluts pleasurable.

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Then, she began to fuck his big dick with her throat. Selina gagged loudly and coughed all over Batman's fat prick as she worked it.

Without noticing, Bruce began to push his pelvis into her Gotham City Sluts, fucking her face right back. The penis in Catwoman's throat became more rigid than ever, and Batman audibly moaned. Catwoman looked up at the The Exhibitionist through her teary eyes, without stopping her violent deep-throating. When Bruce met her gaze he knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted Gotham City Sluts to shoot his Gotham City Sluts into the back of her throat.

She was daring him to make her choke on his jizz. She wanted every last drop of his spunk in her mouth.

Gotham City Sluts

He only looked deep into Catwoman's red, pained eyes, preparing for the inevitable. Her eyes smiled at him, feeling his balls readying his sticky load. The Dark Knight shouted in ecstasy as the first contraction of his orgasm overtook him. Catwoman pushed her Gotham City Sluts directly against Batman's pelvis, ecstatic to receive his cum.

The first rope of jizz shot deeply Gotham City Sluts the villainess, making her gag with delight.

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The cum forced its way down her throat, Gotham City Sluts her. The second rope was Gotham City Sluts larger, almost catching her off guard. She gleefully accepted it and swallowed like a champ. Batman's orgasm seemed to last for days, Selina's tight mouth coaxing all of the warm jizz from his dick. Batman's body fell limp in the chair as his orgasm concluded, unable to think Cuty.

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Catwoman slowly released the enormous cock from her mouth, astonished at how much cum Batman shot. With a mouth full of jizz, she spoke. Selina swallowed the Gotham City Sluts of the cum in her mouth, and stood up slowly, her curves slinking as she moved.

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Selina hooked her fingers into her cat suit sex hames began to pull it past her hips. Batman immediately regained his senses when he realized her intent. The black leather fell from Selina's tight form and she stood in front Gotham City Sluts Bruce completely bare.

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Her hips looked silky smooth and her pussy was clean shaven. Batman wondered how tight it was, and immediately regretted the thought.

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