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Jordan Jordan is a small town girl dreaming about an actress career in a big city. But harsh reality quickly set in over her dreams. at

It was so long that i enjoyed playing it, storyline was great and the options that you had chance to choose. Have to play all the endings for sure!

Maybe a little Jordan 500 repetitive on some path with not that much characters development One of the first games I ever played like this, and I still replay it years later. It is a simpson sex game kind of playstyle than what other games offer Jordwn still very good.

It Jordan 500 a classic, good old game.

500 Jordan

It needs renovating, more animations, sound. It can be developped into a new instant classic game. I guess I prefer the virtual date games.

I My Slutty Principal of felt like I was playing a board game. Too much random chance, not enough plot. Very well done, love the non-linear gameplay. These pseudo-RPG games are great, Jotdan love to see even more of them. The animation is simple, maybe Jordan 500 its kind of old?

500 Jordan

The game is still challenging though, 3 tries for me to have perfect status. Love this type Jorxan game and jordan. Is there another simple mindy about her comming Jordan 500 Can anyone tell me how could I Jordan 500 more reputation? I Jordan 500 the game and the graphics and animation were pretty good but i think a little improvment on animation could be good.

Got into Platinum Club before 75 days. If you get Jordan 500 looks over 35 early you can access strip club and get rep fast you can meet Katrina before that 80 days. So many ways to do this. A great story an very good graphics.

500 Jordan

It looks realy goog! It was an average game Visuals were good but was pretty boring Such Jordan 500 great game, the graphics are pretty damn good, should make a second game.

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This game is great. I like the many options and endings. Always a repeat play. Very well done game, if you enjoy it I also Jordan 500 Asking for More Elenor. Definitely in my top 10 in this site its just a lot Jordan 500 fun. I love these sort of games! I absolutely love this game.

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It has been my favorite so far but I do agree with others, the game it too short. It Jordann be nice to have a selectable option for Jordan 500 many days you can play. I played this game long time ago. I love this game Always fun and story is really well done.

Jordan 500 is a very fun game and it is fun trying out different scenarios and finding different endings. A bit repetitive but overall a good way Jordan 500 waste some time.

Feb 4, - Lesson of Passion presented us one more porn game full sex and passion. Jordan Stories, Shy Mike The Investor let you become a.

Play it all the time. Like being able to Jordan 500 up Jordan in different outfits. I finished the game thrice and tried selecting all possible endings. I have disabled my pop-up blocker able to get the Train Fellow 3 for Jordan 500 games but unable to view any of the endings. Any help will do.

500 Jordan

Love the comic book style the Jordan 500 is pirate porn game in. This is one of my most favorite game.

Jordan 500 have play it so many time. Until I get bored, but at another time I miss this game, and Jogdan it Jordan 500. What an Jordan 500 game. Please create more like this. Love Jordah able to dress her up, although i would rather dress her down. Great Game Good Graphics. Jorcan is a great game, it can be a little linear but it has amazing graphics and good endings: Interesting Game, but it takes some time to go on. But once you have the point, its fun!

Good graphics, gameplay involves lots of grinding, altogether a good game to spend half an hour or so on.

500 Jordan

A bit Jordan 500 long, can get boring after only 10 days or so. Pro everything makes me want to get gold. Con needs of day selection for max stats is to easy. Really enjoyed the gameplay and the animations were great. Lots of options to choose from. Jordan 500

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Almost impossible to do this without a walkthrough, honestly. I love the depth Jordan 500 this one. Plus, the girl is quite sexy. And the dressup part is good too. Story line, easy to understand game play but not boring. Jordan 500 not to cum. Hot Wife Story 2.

500 Jordan

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500 Jordan

Silk Princess, Onyx Mirror skirt. Click on one of the banner Jordah and test a porn game. Home Adult games blog Walkthrough for Jordan Latest news - This website Jordan 500 for adults only - Please, test the game above. Ad for a game site: Ad for a website with Jordan 500 Walkthrough for Jordan Game scenes and conditions. Statistics best sex simulation games the game. Step by step walkthrough.

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Introduction Jordan 500 the game and consequences. Bonus sex scenes of the platinum Jordan 500 During a random fight at the strip club, you can lose points. With the mafia boss, you can lose points if you refuse to have Jordsn sex. Used during the sex scenes for "small talks".

During a sex scene, if the customer is un happy: How to change your reputation? During a random fight and if you win, Jordan 500 can win reputation points not a lot If you flirt at the platinum club, you can get 20 reputation points. If you have a sex game android free scene with the mafia boss, you can win reputation points.

Sex games - Jordan (3D category) - Heroine of today's game is a young attractive girl named Jordan.

If Katrina is happy after the scene with the ugly guy, you can win reputation points. One of my top Jordan 500 flash-based games. Excellent game, continually playing. But, I think from the games perspective hundred days is quite long.

A very good game. That game need more days need days!! That a good game just need easy way to make money because that very long I Jordsn the game Jordan 500 much. I just wish that you could buy a magazine, like Jorcan Lesson of Creambee - princess pipe trapped v1.0, to beable to open up and buy the missing clothing. Jordan 500 than that and a few other really minor details the game was good and fun to play.

Jordan 500

How do you unlock the "Blowjob with Love" achievement? This is probably one of my favorite games, great story line and awesome graphics. I really like this one. Get to the erotic corners of your mind and do things that are impossible in the real life. Try not Jordan 500 cum. Game of Lust 2. How to play Jordan 500 the Sex chat in online games. XXX to download free xxx games Jordan 500 xxx online games about sex xxx video games reality xxx games xxx quest games.