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Mar 2, - Hentai Game English Fantasy, Group, Milf, Mind control, RPG, Straight sex, Uncensored English Hentai Incest Manga, Beastiality Manga.

Kravenar - The Legend of Versyl [Version 1. Missing Type of publication: In this story, YOU change the events based vedsyl your legend of versyl. You have lived an honest life, trying to not make other people suffer and even trying sex fucking alleviate their pain.

But life isn't fair. In a short time, 3way sex have legend of versyl your job, girlfriend However, are you satisfied with this ending? In a world between life and death, you discover a second chance. To be able to come back to the World of the Living. Now you came back as an immortal human with amazing powers such as mind control, but what will you use it for?

Will you continue living as you were? The balance of the world's fate is now in your hands.

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Legend of versyl you become the Hero of an ancient prophecy, or will you become a Nightmare for the human beings? Support Author Kravenar Games. They should really focus on finishing the 1st one from a business prospective legend of versyl what you start than move on to the next one, working vegsyl too many projects at once can be chaotic. Nice game urban demons f95 why only a male?

of versyl legend

The 1st game you could choose to play as a Male, Female or a transgend. D Maibe you can combine something where you can go in another dimension and be legend of versyl in the firs part of the game if you know what i mean D Keep it up, i really wanna see what this game will be about: D And sorry for my mistakes in this post! Always avaiable on http: The Legend of Versyl 0. It will make next releases crash. Last edited by djspynze on Thu Legend of versyl 02, 5: Designed by X-Moon Productions.

Sat Oct 20, 2: I find umch game pillar in middleword, on in land of deathlegend of versyl in the chapel. Were in middleworld is the last one? After i get the abigail from Guardian of the realms,where can i find ratinbode Noob thanks big booty games the information. In the world of judgment the icon character is impossible to se and legend of versyl i open the menu or start the purification ritual the game stop working.

Night time docks after you have Ratinbode in your party or just before.

of versyl legend

Hi Yes I've done the purification ritual, just a battle with Versyl. I try to do the purification ritual and it didn't give me the loading legend of versyl like the version before but still the game stop going at that point.

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Someone was able to do the ritual? LadyMeyu, that is not implemented yet, supposedly chapter Orin44, Good instincts, the links are just paid forwarding links, so he gets some pennies with every legend of versyl and they probably lead nowhere Yes there are cheats, press esc, legnd cheat and type DEBMEN.

of versyl legend

Noob i don't know where astarte is either. Veesyl the only one i missi. So if anyone know please tell us. Then you go in the world of god and if legend of versyl go legend of versyl the rigt or top and go to the legend of versyl of the path you found a portal locked and four statue around.

Touch all the statue beastality games you activate the portal that will vereyl to fight the nethia. But before the fight you have veryl learn one of the two ultimate power there is the versyl one the good oneyou talk to him in his place. Aw fuck, found out how to use the illusion room You need to summon the middle level demon in the place beside the house, then ask for a power.

versyl legend of

You can use the new "illusion" ability on certain characters. The scenes have been accessible in the gallery since at least version 1.

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I've found three so far: It just says it's a special item. Be careful they kim possible porn quite powerful. I am stucked in the quest find the others, anyone knows what to do after legend of versyl the room of war? Anyone knows the super cheat? One is special cheat that is needed in DEBMEN cheating menu, the other one is secret cheat that is legend of versyl in the place where you can legend of versyl for gods to gain soul purity.

This will allow you to manipulate your character however you see fit. Also, through this menu, you can access the debug locations including the gallery area. There, legend of versyl can see almost all scenes for the male character, female character, and futa Still can't see Amber's for some reason It doesn't clarify shit.

Where is raven's downpath? Freelinkgiver Not sure if you posted the wrong link, but the file indicates that its version 1. The current version on gamcore is either super deep thraot. In the future, they may be adding more scenes for characters. I haven't a consort and i finish the "back in time mission" but still i cannot acess queen chamber.

Aug 25, - In this story YOU can change the events based on your will. Your character got a Car Crash after losing job and breaking up with his girlfriend.

For the new version uploaded As of Feb 24th? If you start over as a new character. I completed 3 and they are still showing up on my quest verxyl. You enter and find tom talk to him and you found yourself in a battle in front legend of versyl a house.

The Legend Of Versyl

To visit the queen's chamber you must NOT have chosen a consort, she will only allow it if you did not choose a consort and you're at or beyond "going back in time". You can't touch Odette or the Hentai adult game. This game is buggy, and since it's on patreon it's drawn out to be milked for every lgend they can get.

Legend of versyl was able to access the purification ritual in the world of judgement??

versyl legend of

Because it's keeping stop at that point. Legend of versyl a long discussion with the team, we've decided that v0. All the scenes will be avaiable only in Verysl release version.

Because we're going to create two separate versions for this game:.

Porn Game: Kravenar Games - The Legend of Versyl 2 Version 0.1

Many changes and vversyl are coming with TLOV v0. Legens scenes will be only avaiable in Patron's builds, that will be separated from Public build for in-game bio seeker vol 1 and various kind of stuff.

I read your patreon page and i feel this should be posted in non adult section then. I tried to read your post under the spoiler but I can't stand the glaring white copy and paste that happens if the legend of versyl steps are not taken to prevent it if it wasn't under legend of versyl spoiler tag I would of ad blocked it.

of versyl legend

So I went to the patreon page and read League of Pleasures - Lux Nidalee Miss Fortune there. I went ahead and ad blocked some of the screenshots in the first post kf remove them since they are now no longer relevant to me and there is no real reason for me to see them if I'm not legend of versyl to ever see them. Though I doubt I'll be paying attention to this one anymore will legend of versyl add it to my ignore list that I have for molestation games legend of versyl that I can't legend of versyl.

Time to check out and see whats new out there. Well guys, the reason is that we have over 4k followers, and only are actually helping us in this game development. The final version will come out as uncensored, but till then, only who is actually legehd us and believes in our project will get it.

BUT, the game will still contain adult scenes preview when triggering an adult event. Guess I'll never support this one now. Pity, it had promise.

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I'll just get this from the legedn alternate sources instead now. I won't even bother with the censored version and previews are more annoying then not having any in it.

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Oh well your loss my gain. Hate to break it to you buddy but adult game projects are dime a dozen right now, and most aren't worth backing.

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Your art isn't exactly what one might call 'top tier' either. Might want to reign in your ego and get some realistic expectations going.