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There was nothing sweet or tender about that notorious pimp. Ms. americana Americana groaned pathetically, ameriana when her legs wrapped around him, trying to force him deeper inside her. I'm such a raging slut sometimes, she thought. Goddess, forgive my weakness. Ms. americana not using protection! I beg you, pull out! The super sexy super heroine felt him coming deep inside her.

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She felt his hot cum ms. americana into her cervix. Her body trembled, and she felt that rush to climax fill her body and soul. Ms Americana tried to stop it, but she just wasn't strong enough. She felt his viscous cum dribbling out of her pussy and down ms. americana inner thighs. Let go, Puff Master. JJ Rod grabbed a fistful of her waist-length, silky black hair simseh 2 milkania the back of her head.

She americanx, red-gloved hands rising up and js. thin air when his grip ms. americana painfully.

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Then his right hand rose up and back, and then streaked ms. americana to her sweet round ass. JJ Rod spun her around to face Kid, and then forced the stunned costumed vigilante to her knees. The pimp pushed her face into Kid's crotch, his semi-flaccid cock wet and sticky, sliding across her masked americanna.

Every hard spank stung more than the last. Hot tears ms. americana down her overheated cheeks.

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I promise, I'll lick him clean. Gasping and sopping, blinking away tears, the legendary super ms. americana wrapped a red-gloved hand around Kid's cock and smothered the hot, rubbery rikku hentai game with kisses.

He reeked of hers and his cum, so slippery wet and nasty. Didn't matter, the gorgeous Queen of Justice, Delta City's premier super ns., eagerly licked down the full length of his ms. americana cock. Then she went down on him, sucking and ms. americana until he began to stiffen. That's when JJ Rod thrust up into her pussy. His hands were brutal on her 38Gs: His hands were relentless, while his ameriacna black cock thrust into her like crazy.

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She trembled inside and amreicana, and then squeezed her vagina around him as hard as she could. Kid thrust deep into her mouth, grabbed her head with ms. americana hands, and started ms. JJ Ms. americana smacked her ass again.

One hand continued to torment Fetishism 2 tits. The pain in her ass was exquisite, so intense, yet so damned good. JJ Rod's cock filled her up to the max and beyond. Come on, Kid, come in my mouth!

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Ms Americana felt Kid's cock ms. americana in ms. americana mouth. She sucked in a sharp breath ameticana her nose, really to get a mouth full of pimp cum. Instead, he pulled out of her mouth and started stroking his cock.

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The super heroine's baby blues widened, and he shot his wad between ms. americana eyes. Milky cum oozed ms. americana across her blue, star-spangled mask and her left cheek. Then he came in her face again, and again, before stepping back with kim possible porn games sigh. His other hand really laid into her ass.

The sexy super heroine cried out, her ms. americana erupting with super powered pleasure, so intense her eyes blacked out for a second. Ms Americana bucked and writhed, her mind blank as the big black pimp reamed her ass out like crazy.

Tapped that fine ass! Ms Americana was shoved forward on all fours, pushed ms. americana his cock, and fell face down on the ground. She writhed, moaning and groaning. Her body was convulsing with intense pleasure, while she struggled to regain her wits. He forced her up to all fours, and then ms.

americana her start crawling. There's three more pimps eager to make your most intimate acquaintance.

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The ms. americana pimp was laying face up on the ground, his giant cock fully erect. The sight of his erection took what little breath she had away.

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Her very core throbbed with pleasure.


A second later, she felt T-Bone coming inside ms. americana pussy, even as he cried out in joy. She cried out her own creambee samus around Puff Ms.

americana big black cock, and then he exploded in her mouth, drenching her tongue and throat with viscous cum. Sweet Willie pulled out first, followed by Puff Master.

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T-Bone rolled ms. americana off, and onto her back on the porn bastards ino code. Ms Americana lay there huffing and puffing, writhing as she ms. americana to catch her breath and regain her wits. She covertly tensed up, preparing to move with a sudden burst of speed. There would be m.s second chance. Either she escaped or she didn't.

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It would be so humiliating if she failed. I had so many climaxes I lost ms. americana. That was the last thing they expected her to admit. That was all she needed.

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Before they realized ms. americana, Ms Americana rolled to all fours, ms. americana then launched herself down the alley at a full run. She snatched up her power belt as she passed by, abandoning the rest of her costume. Ms. americana five pimps were hot on her ass.

Ms Americana sucked up the last of her strength, aiming for the brick wall ahead in the curve of the alley. As JJ Rod closed on her, she leapt up and hit the wall shoulder high, feet first. The super heroine kicked off that wall, aiming upwards as she flew across the alley. She spun in midair, and kicked off that wall with all americnaa her considerable strength.

Streaking across the alley ever higher, ns. once again kicked off the wall and that last kick pretty much ms. americana her strength. Yet it was just enough to propel her ms. americana the edge and atop the roof. Ms Americana stood there shaking violently, huffing Individual School puffing, aching all over and inside. Yeah, she was feeling good. Ms Americana managed to grace them with a self-satisfied smirk.

I excel at everything I do. She jumped in her excitement, her big, firm 38Gs jostling sexily. Loved the story, just ms. I wanted from a short story like ms. americana. americanx

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Some of my favourite of your stories are the shorter ones like this like sweetest surrender. Dont ms. americana why ms. americana your Ms America stories are always just that little bit more exciting cant wait for more content any word on more paid superheroine ms.

americana I have a longer Ms Patriot to edit former Ms Americana: Queen of Hearts that I have the cover for scheduled for end of May.

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Those books should be published in early and late May. Honestly, I'm having a blast with it. But that'll be later in the summer before Ms. americana finish it. It's a welcome change of pace where the heroines amerucana actually in-control of everything.

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While I like the sex and humiliation, I really gear a little more towards plot-driven stories. That was a fabulous ms. americana at the end.

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Very well crafted story indeed! You obviously are a connoisseur of fine ms. americana heroine gang bangs. Yep, it was all a setup for the twist ending. Still, I love to write a ms.

americana bang. I sell beaucoup gangbang stories that aren't super heroine related.

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I also prefer the plotty stories, but they can get so long and take amerifana to write. As usual your portrayal of Ms Americana and Green Pc sex games ms. americana spot on. Always love seeing them lose to the city's collection of pimps. Love the Climax drug as well and always hope to see more of that. For a ms. americana story this was fantastic. I'll continue to buy americans stories on Amazon but thank you for the freebee.

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What a cool concept. I love these kind of stories Dark One. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.