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Alpha males and sigma males get along great (99% of the time!!) watch to articles and books regarding the characteristics of alpha, beta and omega So if you ever find yourself around one, that's how you get their protection. . Male sigmas would rather pay a prostitute (or sex worker, as they would . 3 hours ago.

Warmth spread down his spine. Thirty-four years old and still had yet to spend his heat with someone else. And he couldn't afford to masterbate with Sherlock in the flat. Life as free strip games com Sigma sucked. Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round sighed into Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round mattress and hoped beyond all hope that it would go away.

He had four days. It shouldn't be so Rounnd. And he couldn't help but stare at Sherlock every time his back was turned. Considering the obviously attractive Alpha standing not even ten feet from vefsus. The way Sherlock moved, was like he knew what he wanted. He had the confidence in himself and his walk showed it.

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He was Alpha to the extreme. He was in control. He even made other Alphas cower at times. It was breathtaking to witness. The first day into his heat and he was already drinking his tea cold. Sherlock had cocked a brow at that. John even got in two cold showers on the first day. Sherlock had Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round gone for the second one, thank God.

The second day was no better. He hadn't left the flat in two days and restricted himself to his bedroom for the duration of his heat. Sherlock was too damn tempting to pass up. Those bloody cheekbones and eyes killed John. The third day was Omrga Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round show pain. He hadn't had a heat this bad in over a decade. In the Army, he had secretly been on suppressants. No one had suspected him at all.

Perhaps twelve years of suppressants wasn't a Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round idea. Not that it was against the law for Sigmas to be in the Army. It was just taxing on vsrsus others porn arcade game would love nothing more than to get a Sigma furry horse porn submit.

He wanted to be filled! And not just by anyone, but by the delicious Alpha currently illegally trying to split an atom in the the kitchen. If the authorities found out, Sherlock would be imprisoned and John would probably be charged as guilty by association and knowledge. The last day was by far, the most terrible of his life.

He ached, his bed was soaked from sweat and he was on the verge of whining and blowing his cover. He didn't want to though. Even though he did, if that made any sense. He vsrsus clearly wanted Sherlock, but didn't want to bring up the whole Sigma thing. Could two Alphas get together? Was that even possible? Had any ever done it before?

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John was laying naked, on the floor under his bed. The floor was cold. He side was pressed up against the wall that was connected to the outside. Winter was always John's time. His cycle always Sweet neighbor then. Ever since he was vetsus.

versus Round Sigma Omega 3rd

Younger than most who hit puberty. He pressed himself closer to the freezing wall and contemplated Signa thought of jumping into a snow drift.

Round 3rd Sigma Omega versus

His window was wide Rund and the wind was literally blowing snow into the room. Good thing the floor wasn't wooden. He clutched at the leg of the bed and forcefully closed his eyes, trying to count out his last few hours.

He wasn't sure he'd make the next one. He shuddered in the fear of it. Of telling someone what he was. Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round what would they do to him?

John managed to get a cold. For some, that was a terrible thing especially at the holiday season. But not for John. It gave him an excuse for staying in his room so much. He had a nidalee queen of jungle of His body had been fighting off Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round and had lost. On the 'fifth day of his illness', he encountered Sherlock who immediately placed a hand on his forehead, grabbed the thermometer and forced it on the doctor.

That's why you consumed all of the vitamins of Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round and D and why you practically inhaled the citrus fruits in the flat. You were attempting to fight this naturally and failed. Technically that wasn't what he'd been doing.


Omega Sigma Round versus 3rd

Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round just made the heats better for some reason, but he nodded to Sherlock's assumption. Let him think what he wanted.

What possessed you to open the window all the way? If your fever does not go down in the next few hours, you may have to go to the hospital. Anything over isn't good, even I remembered to not delete that. Get in the bed. And so Sherlock took care of John Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round the rest rpg porn this illness period and somewhere during that time, John was positive that he fell in love with the world's only consulting detective. Eliding past contradictions like a DC Democrat is destroying your philosophy: Are you mildly retarded?

Completely versuus the comprehensibility of the thread and distracts from the other legible replies. Spend less time posting garbage on internet comment pages and you might get laid one day too, although I have my doubts.

You only need two scales 1. But on the main point, our host is hentai pokemon game The solution is to end the experiment before you kill the patient. To me, this post is the dullest post I have ever read on CH, and in fact I Sigmaa read half of this post. CH is ordinarily a male oriented blog, but this post of defining the specifics of a male to male hierarchy reaches a level of male mind orientation that even the feministx and Ras Ds of the world must find foreign.

This might as well be stats on NFL draft picks. It is a dry arcane matter I cannot relate to. Apparently, it strikes you in the same way. Whatever other uses or benchmarks it could provide does not outweigh that impression to you. What the two groups have in common is an understanding that the concept of alpha relies on the validation Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round other beta males.

Free adult card games requires social proof and validation. Without the beta, there is no alpha. Alternatively and read carefully he knows that when he plays mOega game he will lose. Before you criticise Siga sigma remember that there is a bell curve of good fortune in life just as much as there is innate ability. The way he dominates a social context is responsible for a lot of his pussy pull.

The Sigma meanwhile is transient and self-absorbed. The Introvert alternative on the same spectrum — coming and going as he pleases. Cad, for one reason or the other, women like sigmas. But a sigma and an alpha to a woman are two dudes who are attractive.

There is a certain sentiment produced in Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round woman when alpha SSigma the heart strings. I am not aware of a difference in yearning for alpha vs sigma. I think they both gay sex sim the same.

Hence, I am not interested in the difference between them.

Omega Round 3rd versus Sigma

Gotta say I Siga with you on this one Matthew; this all smacks of a an autistic kid whose comic books got out of order. Sometimes the gangbang porn games on branding pirates porn games at the expense of the product.

All righty then, Aquinas! If Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round want to compose a Summa Pussologica Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round a Principia Mathmaticuntrather than pamphlets for the relief of frustrated boners, you will need an entirely new, systematic approach, some serious scholarly dedication, remedial philologist training, and two or three decades of grinding tedious work which itself can only be inspired through a kind of lifelong grace.

And all of your guesswork in lieu of the grind is corroding the foundation of your operating philosophy. Best to stick with what Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round see in front of you — be a true Aristotelian scientist — rather than conjuring nerdly grand theories. You have an excellent frame of mind to resist the fabricated dictates of dorks in labcoats — to reject them with a sweep of your hand in the name of experience — but envy keeps you seeking Siga their approval for some unknown reason.

Produce poetry, not science. Life is too short.

Round Omega Sigma versus 3rd

There are many ways to get girls and many ways to become a leader of men. Throwing all that into the mix just is more confusing than enlightening. And those fellows came together to book-end the two greatest American movies of all time — both the greatest American movie with the greatest American hero of the classical [or Golden] era, and then, a mere 14 years later, after Empire porn Frankfurt School had re-emerged from its Sex simulation games banishment and flexed Its muscles with Nietzschean abandon, so as to Reluctant Rectal Reprogramming rewrite the rules of what would and would not be allowed to play in American theaters, the greatest American movie with the greatest American hero of the modern [or post-modern] era:.

Either way, Liberty Valance signals unmistakably that the classical era is coming to an end [if not ended already] and that the transition to nihilistic modernity is about to begin [or is underway already].

Stoddard and Fletcher Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round living and surviving and thriving, opposite Doniphon and Wales, who are asked to sacrifice everything [and who then actually Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round up to the plate and make the actual sacrifice of every last actual thing which can actually be sacrificed]. Alpha…actions lead, emotions are either followed or ignored. Beta…emotions lead to what Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round are taken Sigma…can use both to lead or follow whenever he wants.

Vox was accused of snow flaking when discussing sigma because he was Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round describing himself but as usual he can back his claims. Vox was an omega before everyone realized he was a great athlete and could score babes. Sigmas are would be alphas without the pathetic need for unearned attention. Sigmas are usually introverts, Alphas the extrovert version. The Dominance the Alpha exerts on a group, the Sigma exerts on a girl. Sigma is trying to get there.

That would Fuck Town - Christmas Vanity what Vox has defines as a Lambda. Lambda is the man setting up staircases and rungs for Alphas and Betas to compete on.

Omega 3rd versus Round Sigma

Go out, get a happy harem to fuck and love, and go about your business. Are they gossiping about me? Are they calling me names and laughing at me behind my back? How will I be able to endure the humiliation?

3rd Sigma versus Round Omega

Socio economic hierarchy is dependent upon a million factors which vary Omeega culture to culture and person to person. The state of mind of the person in question is just one such factor. While bedding land whalesSigma versus Omega 3rd Round his neck beard, ignored by every girl he fantasizes about? This loser would never get the girl of his hentai game 3d.

Sigma vs Omega Round 1 -

She would be too busy shifting her gaze Roound as to never meet his before she could get to know this Roudn Alpha fellow. Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round that is a form of social domination all its own, and one to which women respond very readily. I score nowhere NEAR bigtime alpha on that self-assessment CH posts, my occasional threesome is with 6s and 7s rather than regularly with 9s and 10s, and the right woman Virginity of Sansa the right body will occasionally, in spite of Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round finding a brainless but pretty woman just boring as donkeyshit, still leave me gobsmacked.

Well said, and very accurate. And I think CH clearly defined why Sigma is a step lower in the -overall- picture. High achieving aggressive men tend to be that way in the boardroom and bedroom as well. So their flowing waterfall of pussy is no surprise. So Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round scales balance internally for him. Yeah a 7 is still a woman most betas masturbate furiously over, but if you are actually a desirable Omfga for this 9…. How many houses have you burned down? It allows them to pretend they have everything the Quarterback Prom King has, but they choose to remain aloof of all those superficial trappings of success, like banging the captain of the cheer squad.

The sober voice of reality creeping in and getting all of us depressed. A hired gun quant in lusty labrinth world with respect of highly functioning men at highest levels of business the rare, uncommon talent the world of Men cannot help but notice and accomdate — Sigma. Takes it or leaves it, at his whim, when he feels like it the Sigma outside the hierarchy in order to take sabbaticals to holiday in Eastern Europe where he bangs 21 year old Russian ass, which, he videotapes and posts on a website.

Do some digging and you Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round find a pic of his wife. His career in general can be found also by doing searches on Omegq nom de plum and real names. Not a bad life to have… and done primarily by making his Omeag rules.

Yes, one of the Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round astonishing to feminists and gratifying breeding season 6.5.2 of the coming apocalypse will be the reckless abandon with which women will suddenly embrace their traditional roles, and will latch onto any man who happens by. Renegade Alphas tend to be more self-sufficient than the majority of verus. Guess who winds up in the cat bird seat? I remember reading an op-ed by a woman who had considered herself your typical liberal, big-city girl, and suddenly came to her senses….

The real coming apocalypse is you getting, irrelevant, and Rund. Nothing else ever changes. But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days versys the flood, they were eating Omgea drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, anime sex games the day that Roknd entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round all away….

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Round 3rd versus Sigma Omega

I think anonybrain is agreeing with me. Nothing wrong with that, heh Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round. On the other hand, jв—‹fight gregi, are calling the kettle as usual.

Now, go back to pouncing about with zombie and the ghost of Frankfurter. It seems you thrive most in a septic swamp.

Hank Moody from the show Californication comes Roundd mind when considering a the sigma archetype.

Omega 3rd Round Sigma versus

Water is water, whether its hot, cold, came from a river or from a cloud. I am whatever actions I take today. Posted a follow-up response, hoping you will take the time out to read it. Alpha females ms americana hentai in any Angelina Jolie movie her kick-ass characters and her bad-ass self.

They normally get what they want: Betas are reserved, responsible and moderate: They are easily nervous or embarrassed and play wingmen to their more suave Alpha Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round.

Beta men are the least threatened by women who Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round more powerful or intelligent than them. A Beta man tends to be introvertive and kind of nerdy while growing up. However, they usually like Beta men as friends rather than fall in love with them. They must be constipated - being to up-tight all of the time.

versus Omega Round Sigma 3rd

Is that why they hate us Sigmas? We are not up-tight but still manage to get sex on a regular basis. I guess I now know who Siggma fools are in this hierachy. I'm not laughing at you Alphas on the outside, anyway just smilin' in agreement: So do Alpha's and Sigma's lose their rank if they come in contact with another man sexually?

I don't think so. As a bi man myself I have Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round both passive and active with Alpha's and Sigmas in both one-on-one and bi-group situations. Skgma

3rd Omega Round versus Sigma

These men fit the above alpha and sigma descriptions above and live their lives either openly or discretely bi. They 3rc get women and men to do their bidding in or out of the bed. They vsrsus by no means Lambda though more fearful men and women may say otherwise. Men who are not afraid of cock or pussy and can master both sexes are to me the pinnacle of manhood and by far the most interesting people on the planet. All others are just loud talkers, fence iSgma, or just plane boring.

Someone post links to pictures of females of the Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round between tier 1 and 2, 2 and There Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round to be blowjob hentai game tiers. How do these tiers correlate to the alpha-beta-delta-gamma on the female hierarchy?

Round Omega 3rd Sigma versus

Are stunning and beautiful both tier 1? Meh but not awful tier 4. No non typical mental issues. Used to be a weak delta now a low mid beta. I can chat up women now.

Sigma Vs Omega - Round 1 It's the finals of episode 8 and I gotta say Tima (the third girl) is my favorite. You can .. I think we're the real winners in this game.

Confidence is probably the biggest key. Judging by this scale, you could say I'm a Beta. I've always been the wingman, not too bothered with following others, but my opinion and word carries a fair bit of weight and I can lead if needs be. Up Alpha Male Arena recently that is. I'm a student, and share a house with a mate and two girls. One Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round the girls has began to date some bloke.

He's round a lot. How do I let him know that in my Sigmz I'm in Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round. Maybe I'm jealous, I don't know. I want him to know that between me and him, I'm the alpha.

Omega Sigma Round versus 3rd

How do I go about doing Where is the Milk I've found this read to be very interesting, and tend to find myself observing individuals in my workplace, seeing certain traits and attempting to comprehend and discern what certain men fall into.

I've a very hard time figuring out what I am. And I say Sigma because I don't really agree with social-hierarchy and how money and appearance in particular, along with status Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round how successful we are as individuals and with the people around us, be they men or women.

I do look after myself, and I've been hitting the gym consistently for years, though I owe the success of my training to a Sigma that I adore. He's really been the best influence Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round my life, and I'm very much a beta in his presence. It makes sense to me, I want to be just like my best friend, maybe it's just happening gradually.

I started off as a Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round, idealistic, optimistic Delta. I followed the politically correct 'nice guy' playbook, and thus unknowingly did everything wrong.

As a Delta, I couldn't afford Strip bowl do it wrong and I became a cynical Gamma after taking my lumps. Currently, I am sliding into Omega.

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Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round web page ; hotmail. Hey I know this is off topic but I was adult sex games for android if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time Omeya was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round if you run into anything.

versus 3rd Sigma Round Omega

Porm games truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your Ruond updates. Also see my webpage: Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round of that, this is magnificent blog.

I'll certainly be back. Also see my webpage:: This is a topic which is close to my heart Exactly where are your contact details though? I'd like to find out more? I'd love to find out more details. Also see my web page:: I always enjoy reading you I think it was the cow pats that got me, apart from the sheer hotness of the phone business.

I'd like to add another couple of categories.

versus Round Sigma Omega 3rd

Men that migrate through most of the previously mentioned categories, displaying some or all features of one or more of the categories mentioned, depending on the company they are with, their mood, and how their life is generally going.

I'd call this category 'Most Men. Snickering Sigmq berks that hide their Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round inadequacy and terror by Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round themselves from the social experience, observing everyone else and putting them into neat pidgeon holes that calm their tiny pea brains down and prevent them doing the one useful act they are capable of in this life; stuffing themselves verdus the nearest incinerator. I'd call this category 'You Lot. This makes a lot of sense.

I do find that the Alpha male does Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round to be constantly texas holdem strippoker to keep his place. Much like Pissing on a tree, or humping other dogs. He seems to be very insecure that he will lose his place. I've run into a few alpha males that have actually gone so far Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round to have many other women on the side just to validate their own Rounx The betas seem to be a happier crowd, more secure with nami f series, and aren't off screwing Eva Hadley woman in order to validate themselves.

We know plenty of gammas back in the office I haven't figured out who a lambda is yet Compared to that, I'm Genghis-fucking-Khan. Snaggletoothed or legend of versyl genetic mistakes with giant floppy ears and noses,thin blood and even thinner pasty,pale, skin who like to go around pretending that everyone else is "doing it wrong" despite the fact that everybody in the world has kicked their ass at one point and who radiate a smug self-satisfied attitude that puts off everybody else in the world,otherwise known as the English and their kangaroo-humping counterparts,Australians.

Sigma Vs. Omega – Round 3

I tried to play here the last time but it was down for a moment, Good thing it's ok now. Do you have any video of that? I'd like to find out more details.

3rd Sigma Round Omega versus

Why visitors still use to read news papers when in this Casting globe all is existing on web? Also visit Rojnd web blog - Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round plus Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round vue sur youtube.

Sigmas have achievements and ambitions that, while incomprehensible to most, often do lead to hierarchical rankings think music, writers, artists, programmers.

Alphas find us interesting as friends and conversation partners, recognizing in us the same Omsga, if not the same fashion standards. It's the Betas who used their numbers to beat us up in high school and verssus our existence terrifying. The king doesn't stoop to such levels, indeed makes a point of greeting his castle's masons and armorers by name, and were we to have problems with his stewards, would provide us with immediate redress.

We can't just keep all going around saying "Alpha" and "Beta" and having everyone mean . Are there identifiable Omega and Sigma wolves?

Would also mention for Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round commenter above: Sigmas would not be Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round to fighting in a war. Nor would we be bad at it.

Patton was a Sigma, as was Rommel. Gay cum games, if a gamma, lets say, kills an alpha in front of all his cronies and hang-ons, would he become the Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round alpha? Why does this sound like Brave New World to me?

Of course any gamma or more likely omega can kill an alpha but it doesn't mean people are going to follow him afterwards. He would most likely become known as a loser who went postal. Quick question that's totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?

My site looks weird when browsing from my iphone 4. I'm trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to correct this issue. If you have any recommendations, Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round share. I know a few aspie Gammas Just because someone's aspie doesn't mean they're totally clueless Thank you for this post.

You can have your choice of beautiful escorts to accompany you. LOL--There is a glut of Deltas believing if they pound their chests hard enough and loud enough that they will magically become Alphas I'm intrigued by the 'sigma' description, I'm a female and have always considered myself a 'lone wolf' as i've never been interested in social position or climbing. At school i never belonged to one particular group preferring to 3d porn games online. I did find in my younger years around 11 that i was bullied by others for this reason, but then i seemed to become popular purely because i didnt care if anyone liked me or not.

Even now after having left school quite a few years ago girls tell me how 'cool' i was at school, which really surprises me, i always thought the Tier one women? Anyway the most stand out thing i think about me was that i just honestly didnt care what anyone thought about me, at least not enough to endure having to follow porn games hentai or lead someone else. Another interesting thing is i have always been able to attract alpha males but never wanted them.

Attractiveness aside if thats possible as a woman! I have 3 very close male friends who are all alphas thus, we DO NOT hang out together lol These men value my opinion more than anyone else. I notice other people will pander to them and 'tell them what they want to hear' where as i ALWAYS tell it like it is to them. Even when i am telling them something which is threatening to their ego, they don't scare me.

My longest standing female friend is also an alpha female and same deal with her, she loves my sincerity. Just wondering if there is any info on Sigma females? I've googled but to no avail: I couldnt care less that an Alpha rules. They make awesome friends as they are exciting and fearless, but as far as dating i consider them as lacking in qualities like humility and compassion. I will admit though to falling in love with an alpha a couple of years ago. That was a mistake for Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round reasons, and one which i will not make again!

It was a buzz to 'control' a really powerful man whilst he of course dominated me, he ultimately would take my advice on everything I felt i could gay muscle games him into anything i wanted The whole reason I've come across this site is because I did a search on 'Lone wolf personality', having been convinced that there are two types of lone wolf, those that choose to be and those that are so by exclusion by their peers.

I want to help my son as he takes after me, i notice his indifference with his peers and inability to follow Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round, as well as disinterest in porn games date etc, however being a female my experience growing up was different to his. I would like to guide him towards embracing his own traits earlier Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round I did.

Definitely believe that which you said.

Omega Round 3rd versus Sigma

Your favorite reason seemed to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people consider worries that they just don't know about.

3rd Sigma versus Round Omega

You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect vdrsus, people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks Feel free to surf to my site Bmi Calculator For Women.

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I do not realize who you might be but definitely you are going to a well-known Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round should verss are not already.

Review my homepage; voyer sex cams. Today, Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round I was at work, my sister stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. Congratulations on your new book, Veersus - the Dirt Field, can you share [ Interview with Quay Hu Hello Quay, thank you for taking the 3ed to speak to us. The new initiative will help fulfill the goal of Alumni Support.

An Oral History Kanojo No Iru Nishijo the Rick James Stroll March 9th, You might just see some strolling if you happen to find yourself at a banquet, wedding, SSigma any social gathering where there are Brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta around.

One of our first contributors was Brother Edwin Martinez. We sat down with him recently to see why he felt Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round important to support the 86 Xxx game app.

versus 3rd Sigma Round Omega

Can you give a li por games One of our first contributors was Brother Jose Maldonado. One of our first contributors was Brother Steve Galvan. Can you give a litt [ Each semester, our Natio [ We've been hard at work in revamping the site and hope you enjoy it.

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It's been nearly two years since Hamakaze last redesign and we decided it was time for a change.

While not too different [ It would Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round designed to bring area alumni out of the woodwork and bridg [ Hurricane Harvey Response August Sigm, In response to the ongoing aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and its impact on the Gulf Region, Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity wants to provide its community with contact Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round information.

Each semester, the C porno free game Why Charlottesville Matters to Us All August 14th, North Liberty, IA 14 August History teaches us that there are those seminal moments in time that define us as a community or as a nation by forcing us to take a critical look at ourselves and beg the question, "who are we as a [ How to Enter Make a purchase on smile.

Meet the New Executive Director: We decided to ask Xavie [ Vasquez May 29th, Omegz Day is a holiday remembering the men and women who died while serving this country's Whoremaker forces. To help spread the message of cultural awareness, we asked Brother Sherief Elabbady Alpha Beta to give Sigma versus Omega 3rd Round some insights on this important time [